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Cassie has over 9 years of experience teaching youth and teen improv and theater classes. She has also lead numerous corporate improv and team building workshops for adults, and additionally, has worked with The University of Chicago to lead workshops with incoming graduate students.

Cassie has also developed and lead workshops catered specifically towards women and non binary identifying improvisers. The goal of this workshop is to promote dialogue about experiences specific to women in a male dominated art form. The workshops also focus on strengthening tools for women/non binary improvisers to break from cliche or stereotypical characters, and to make bold and 3 dimensional choices. Cassie has brought this curriculum, to various improv festivals across the nation, and has found many shared themes and experiences amongst women/non binary performers. Ultimately, the workshop strives to connect women within these communities and empower them to unite in bettering their own comedy circles.

For teaching rates, lesson plans, or proposals, please email Cassie at