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Throughout her time in Chicago, Cassie has directed a variety of work including Sketch Comedy, Children's Theater, Solo Shows, Original Musicals and even a Multimedia Modern Dance Piece. Her passion lies in working with actors to develop original material for the stage. Here is a sampling of some of her recent theatrical work.



MUSE is a multidisciplinary solo performance existing as a string of vignettes/ a visual essay/ a living museum of the images of woman as muse, both her fetishizations and truth. What started as an attempt by the artist at finding a muse, turned into an examination of how easily we have come to accept and even romanticize the exploitation of the woman muse throughout history, and more importantly how passively we consume those representations. MUSE is a manifestation of the questioning, researching, construction, and eventual embodiment of those depictions. 

Links Hall
Directed by Cassie Ahiers
Choreography and Performance by Kristen Bernier
Video/Sound Design by Stacie James
Dramaturgy by Maggie Mohr



A 50-minute interactive, scriptless, completely improvised show for kids, tailored to audiences ages 5-12. Everything in this show will be made up–right on the spot! All the fun of recess (with air conditioning, and none of the running).  

The Second City
Directed by Cassie Ahiers
Music Direction by Mary Mahoney
Performed by Terrence Carey, Alice Stanley Jr., Timothy Metzler, Julia DiFerdinando,  Gaby Dixon, Mark Campbell



Step right up, Step right up for the greatest show on earth- The Last Circus! Join us under the big top at the Revival theater for a sketch comedy show sure to make a lasting impression. We'll dazzle you with acts featuring Chicago's best up-and-coming comedians. Watch as they make a spectacle of politics, current events, and even their own lives! But be careful, you might just find yourself joining in on the fun.

The Revival Theater
Directed by Cassie Ahiers
Sound Design by Stacie James
Written and Performed by Rolando Lepe, Molly Ruthenberg, Aadam Keeley, Sam Taylor, Shannon Noll



Trigger takes you on a hilarious exploration of chain reactions. How do the events of history impact our lives in 2016? And what price will others pay for the choices we make today? Even if you don’t know where the bullet will land, sometimes the trigger needs to be pulled.  This talented cast will lead you on a trajectory from flawed presidential nominees to kids on the south side with hoop dreams- all set off with a spark of comedy.  

The Revival Theater
Directed by Cassie Ahiers
Written and Performed by Molly Ruthenberg, Shannon Noll, Wanjiku Kairu, Aadam Keeley, Terrence Carey, Sam Taylor



The Mountain Digby is part morbid fable, part doomed love story. This one ­act musical follows the Digby brothers as they attempt to uphold their family's honor by turning a hill into a mountain­ no matter the cost. But when one of the brothers falls in love with the town’s gravekeeper, the price of family honor is raised, and they must decide if they are willing to sacrifice their love, worm farm, and even their lives for the mountain. Gross, macabre, and hilarious, it's the kind of story the Grimm brothers thought was too f*cked up to include in their collection.

MCL Theater
Written by Cassie Ahiers and Anthony Lombard
Directed by Cassie Ahiers
Music by Brad Kemp
Shadow Puppetry Design by Karly Bergmann
Featuring Anthony Lombard, Nick Miller, Grace Palmer, Leo Chappell, Justin Clement