Cassie produces digital and web content utilizing sketch comedy fundamentals with a focus on performance. She has written and directed multiple web series, as well as some digital shorts, a sampling of these projects can be found below.

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Ripley is a directionless bagel shop employee stuck in the middle of her own directionless coming out story. She is trying to figure out if she’s gay, and much to her disappointment, no one just hands you a gay card. Meanwhile she’s stuck living with her ex fiancé, Dan, who seems to be more accepting of the possibility that’s she’s gay than she is herself. In fact, Ripley is surrounded by accepting people, including coworkers at the bagel shop and her neighbor Butch Donna. Just Call Me Ripley is a comedic coming out story that follows Ripley on her search for identity and love.


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Everybody loves ice cream, but not many love it as much as Joe. As a devoted, life-long ice cream eater, Joe realized that instead of feeling embarrassed or upset about his unwavering nightly routine, he would try to celebrate it for the sweet, wholesome joy it brings him. In a time where it feels like we're constantly melting into a bigger mess, ice cream can make the world a sweeter place.  Joe is on a mission to explore the nostalgic memories swirling through Ice Cream Shops, festivals and makers’ minds. His FroZEN philosophy allows him to chill with new friends across the nation and connect in the special moments powered by ice cream. 

Created by Joe Friedman and Cassie Ahiers
Directed by Cassie Ahiers


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Chicago isn’t for the faint of heart… Downtown is a madhouse, the train smells like piss, and the weather is infectious. Lake Effect is a collection of comedic scenes that focus on the characters that inhabit the windy city.

Written by Cassie Ahiers, Molly Ruthenberg, Harrison O'Neal, Ricky Staffieri, Kaitlin Larson, Anthony Lombard, Jack Gallagher
Directed by Cassie Ahiers


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Audition life is wack! Check out these real audition horror stories from Chicago actors, with live music and art by Teddy and Allie. 

Created by Anthony Lombard
Directed by Cassie Ahiers

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