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Cassie Ahiers hails from Minnesota where she spent much of her childhood fishing at the creek under the bridge, and drinking too much Mountain Dew Baja Blast. For the past ten years she has resided in Chicago, a city that ignited her passions for comedy and shitty diner food. After receiving* a diploma from Columbia College in theater directing, Cassie took on a variety of artistic endeavors including touring as an improviser, directing web series, writing an original musical, developing curriculum, and even running a DIY comedy club in her apartment’s laundry room. Most recently, she served as a director for The Second City Touring Company, Greenco. Despite her successes in Chicago, Cassie most recently relocated to Los Angeles in an effort to pursue her dreams of working in the television industry, and seeing the sun again.

*Cassie will admit, she never paid the fee to have her diploma mailed to her and has an empty frame in her office** where a diploma should go.


You can follow her @Cass_Money_MillionAhiers on Instagram.